Came from: Fort Wayne, IN

Year: 1995

Position: Architect

I moved to San Diego from Indiana in the summer of 1995, and began working in the East Village at the end of that year. I worked with Architect/Developer Wayne Buss on the renovation of the former Carnation Dairy factory, aka, The ReinCarnation Project. It was my dream job, being straight out of architecture school with a strong desire to work on adaptive reuse projects. This project was not only reusing an existing building, but \”recycling previously used parts of the City.\” This was the tagline for Wayne\s architecture business. Working in this office led to volunteering at Sushi Performance and Visual Art, a primary tenant of the building. I was also privileged to attend several arts events that took place on the property, including the 1997 Interior Designer\s Showcase, inSITE 97 installations and kickoff event featuring Laurie Anderson, Latin Music Festivals, and many other events. Many of the friends I made in San Diego stem from working in the East Village, including my husband, Jorge Moreno.


San Diego East Village Project