Came from: San Diego

Year: 1992

Position: Former Carnation Dairy Factory

Location: 10th Avenue and J Street

Architect: Architistic Endeavor (Wayne Buss)

Wayne Buss turned a vintage warehouse into a creative showcase, molding it into the crown jewel of a neglected downtown San Diego neighborhood that desperately needed an identity.

And his transformation in the 1990s of the former Carnation Building at 10th Avenue and J Street into the mixed-use ReinCarnation Project, complete with artists’ lofts, residences and offices, served as a model to other downtown visionaries.

Within five years, new shops, cafes and converted lofts were beginning to take hold.


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Photos by Wayne Buss. Click on images to enlarge.

Scans from San Diego Home/ Garden. Lifestyle. Issue September 1997

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From San Diego Decor & Style

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Photo via Chuck Kaminski

East Village Project Artwalk shirt Chuck Kaminski save the carn


San Diego East Village Project