675 G Street

In 1968 Bob Sinclair opened up a little store on Prospect, which primarily sold cookware and wooden spoons and things like that, the beginnings of gourmet products. He bought a peanut roaster and just as an experiment tried roasting some coffee, he also saw the beauty and importance of renovating historic buildings. He put a Pannikin — one of five he opened before selling them in 1997 — in an old Encinitas train station along North Coast Highway, put Brockton Villa Restaurant in an 1894 cottage by a La Jolla pelicans’ perch, put San Diego Mission House Brewery in the 1924 Wonder Bread factory building in East Village.

Photo provided by Bill Keller.

Sinclair EV Young Bob w Coffee


Photo by Jorge Moreno at the San Diego Broom Works.

Pannikin East Village project Bob Sinclair

Photos by Randi B.

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