Jorge Moreno (Founder)

East Village Project Creator & admin

Came from: Mexico City

Year: 1995

Position: Volunteer at Sushi Performance & Visual Art

Now: North Park San Diego

In the early 90’s I used to visit the art galleries in on downtown Broadway street, where I met Scot McDougall and Cesar Rojo (some of my first friends here in San Diego). Scot introduced me to the East Village via Sushi Performance and Visual Art, located in the ReinCarnation Building, where I became a volunteer. I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of many great shows as well as the before and after, especially because we were able to roam freely in the building. I volunteered for a few years and met lots of people and little did I know that (my now wife) Katherine was among that crowd. Katherine worked for Architistic Endeavor (Wayne Buss – Architects for the ReinCarnation building). I met Katherine through Scot at an event at the Clarion Hotel, the event was put on by “The Publication” and they were showcasing all the people that had been in their cover for that year. Scot was one of the people featured in it…

For the next few years I attended and volunteered for more Sushi events, especially their Red Ball fundraisers and I mainly stayed around the ReinCarnation Building.

Some of my fondest memories were with great friends, Scot, Vicky, Katherine, Gayle, Teena, Wayne and Beth.

I particularly remember the last party hosted for Wayne at the ReinCarnation building, that was right about when the new ball park was being built. Everyone had a honest great time. Below are some photos of that event.

There’s no particular thing that I miss from those days, I think I miss it as a whole. I miss the events at Sushi, I miss spending most of the day with artists and the like. The 90’s in San Diego’s East Village where great times.

I currently live in North Park, working for myself in the graphic/web/social media arts

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