701 Island

Built in 1925 as a warehouse

Morris Trepte & Sons

Bledsoe Company furniture warehouse:

The building was found to be the “Bledsoe Company Warehouse,” which was constructed by the firm of M. Trepte and Sons in 1925 in a “Transitional Industrial” architectural style. The building was found to represent “a transitional design from a Victorian industrial structure to the clean, unornamented lines of the International style.” Several years later, the building was included in the Historic Site Inventory of Centre City East Update in 2001.

The building was converted into 1112 live/work “studios” between 1989-1990

Henry R. Bledsoe was a partner of Appleton Bridges, who with his wife donated most of the funds for the Fine Arts Gallery in Balboa Park, opened in 1926 and now called the San Diego Museum of Art.


Photos by Wayne Buss.

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