SUSHI Performance & Visual Art

SUSHI Performance & Visual Art was an innovative arts organization and contemporary arts center committed to presenting San Diego with contemporary performance dance and visual art. Focus was on an artistic vision that embodied the rich diversity of our ethnic, cultural, sexual and personal backgrounds.

SUSHI Performance & Visual Art became synonymous with an adventurous urban art experience and has been likened to what one would find in San Francisco or New York.

Founded in 1980, SUSHI Performance & Visual Art had its roots in the artists’ space movement of the late 1970s. This movement was a direct result of the evolution of contemporary art and the lack of venues for its presentation. Artists consequently created their own “alternative spaces”, one of which was SUSHI. Many artists involved with and presented by SUSHI through solo/group exhibitions and public art commissions have gone on to national and even international notoriety, among them David Avalos, Amanda Farber, James Luna and Deborah Small.

Sushi was located in its downtown space at The Reincarnation Project, 320 Eleventh Avenue. This 6,000 square foot space housed SUSHI’s 3,000 square foot performance space that seated 50-150, a visual arts gallery and office.

Sushi’s audience members and performers were within hands reach of each other, creating an atmosphere that was charged with intimacy and energy. Audience members were encouraged to hang out after the shows for both formal and informal discussions with the presented artists.

Photos by Wayne Buss and Jorge Moreno.

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Here’s an article from The Voice of San Diego. Kelly Bennett, the arts editor for VOSD:

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  • David Avalos
  • Amanda Farber
  • James Luna
  • Deborah Small
  • John Breitweiser
  • Kira Corser
  • Felipe Almada
  • Gerardo Navarro
  • Hugo Sanchez
  • Terri Hughes
  • James Soe Nyun
  • Allison Wiese
  • Nicole Pajor
  • Brian Goeltzenleuchter
  • Michael Dizon
  • Martha Susan Harris
  • Peggy Jones
  • Melissa Inez Walker
  • Daniel Weiner
  • Carolyn Springer
  • Richard Gleaves
  • Rosanna Gamson
  • Carla Kirkwood
  • Phyllis Jackson
  • Rachel Axler
  • Danelle Amato
  • Isabel Olivieri
  • Leonora Afuyog
  • Annie Hinton
  • Andrea Singer
  • Tammy Ray
  • Vicki Wolf
  • Lower Left
  • Nina Martin
  • Margaret Paek
  • Andrew Wass
  • Rebecca Bryant
  • Jane Blount
  • Colleen Phillips
  • Karen Schaffman
  • Scott Paulson
  • Heather Barclay
  • Linda Kernohan
  • Ryoko
  • Susan Shoneman
  • Ruben Valenzuela
  • DJ six-8
  • DJ SkinnyDip
  • Karen Finley
  • Deanne Sabeck
  • Jeffrey Laudenslager
  • Michael Krichman
  • Bart Blackstone
  • Romy Kaye
  • Wendy O’Rourke
  • Clay Salmon IV
  • LeVan D. Hawkins
  • Kim Epifano
  • Carlson Hatton
  • Mirjam Kort
  • Margie Hughto
  • Katherine Taylor
  • Yichiu Tseng
  • Margot Waller
  • Tracy Featherstone
  • Jean Benelli
  • Andrea Zuill
  • Paula Cronan
  • Julia Snapper
  • Branan Freeman
  • Yasutaka Hori
  • Bryan Lohr
  • Seth Myers
  • Matthew Offenbacher
  • Norihiko Seto
  • Anna Stump
  • Selena Wilson
  • Julia Wren
  • Teena Diggs
  • Eric Wong
  • Kelly Dalrymple Wass
  • Lynn Schuette
  • + …

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